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Age : 36
Location : Goaldighir par. Cox'sbazar
Job/hobbies : Chintai achi
Registration date : 2008-09-25

For all members and forum staff (pls read with patient) Empty For all members and forum staff (pls read with patient)

on Fri Oct 17, 2008 5:52 pm
Hello I m coxyrasel want to say Pls dont post here any erotical post. If u post your post will be gone dustbin and finally delete. We r strongly recommended that all erotical post will be physicaly delete. So request to all pls see the

1. Dont post erotical
2. Dont try to abuse other member.
3. Respect other members.
4. If u have any problem just pm moderator or directly admin.We should try to best for solve ur problem.
5. Try to log in every day. Bcoz online user r the life of a forum.
6. Double posting is not allowed.
7. Spaming will be delete all times immidiately.
8. Try to make nice posting.
9. Trt to help others.
10. Multiple registrations are prohibited and kind for ur information we can see ur ip adress.
11. No one is allowed to post there other forum names on the board.
13. If u not maintain the forum rules first time will be suspended for one month 2nd time for 3 month & 3rd time banned for forever.
14.Instructions by the moderator team are to be followed.
15. All download links must be placed in [code] tags. Pls chk ur download before posting.
16. Dont post by red colour bcoz its only for Moderator and Admin

N.B.- We r working for a final forum rules. Admin will give this.
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